School Smartphone App

New Smartphone App

We have built a completely new app which is now available for iPhones and Android phones. The new app has:

  • Much more information
  • Better features
  • Is more reliable
  • Integrated with the school website

A great new feature is the ability to subscribe to notification lists. Our old app only allowed us to send notifications to all parents. Now you can subscribe to lists like:

  • School Buses
  • Kapa Haka
  • Munch Your Lunch

Installing the New School App
Step 1
Remove the old app called Wanaka Primary School off your phone to avoid confusion. It is being removed for the app stores and will no longer be updated.
See these instructions on how to remove an iPhone App or Android App.
Step 2
Go to your App Store or Google Play and search for ‘Wanaka’. Look down the list until you find the app called Wanaka Primary School created by TeamThink Digital. Install this app.
Step 3
When you first open the app, you might be asked to allow the app to send you notifications etc. Answer YES to any questions.

Using the New School App
On the home screen you’ll see a menu in the top left and an alerts icon in the top right.
The first thing to do is click the menu then click School Alerts then click the cog in the top right. Here you select which notifications you want to receive. For example, if your child travels on the bus, select bus information. We will be adding new notification subscriptions often. For example, if your child is going on school camp, we will create a list called something like ‘Year 4 School Camp’. We can then keep you informed during the week of camp.

The other two areas of app to familiarise yourself with are the ‘Student Absence’ and ‘Bus Changes’ sections. These allow you to message the school if your child is off school or if there is a change to your bus schedule. For example, if your child is not getting on the bus next Friday, you can send this information to the school.