Google Drive Help

Are you having problems accessing your child's school Google account?  Here are some tips to help you.

I'm having problems logging into my child's school Google account.

The most common problem occurs when you have multiple accounts logging in through the same browser.  Maybe you already have a personal Google account and when you try to login with your child's account, you get taken to your personal account and not your child's account.  See this help about switching between accounts.

The easiest solution is to keep the accounts separate by using different browsers.  So if you normally use Internet Explorer to access your personal account, try using Chrome to access your child's school account.  That will stop them getting mixed up.


Can I access Google Drive while overseas?

Unfortunately you can't access your child's Google account while abroad.  This is because Google requires two factor authentication as a security measure when accessing an account from another country.  To setup two factor authentication, a mobile phone needs to be tied to an account.  We have this turned off for all accounts because we don't want children linking phones.  So unfortunately, you won't be able to login while aboard.