Learning at WPS

Our Mission

‘Empowering a Community of Learners’

Wanaka Primary School is a dynamic learning community where children respect themselves and others as they develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for taking an active part in an ever-changing society. It is our aim to ensure all children at Wanaka Primary School are given the opportunities to achieve to the best of their capabilities. The aim is a joint venture in partnership with the parents, teachers and children to achieve successful learning outcomes.

Wanaka Primary School empowers a community of learners by:

  • Fostering the warm, caring school culture we are proud of which has an atmosphere of trust, respect and whanau.
  • Ensuring the needs of the whole child is paramount and that the core business of the school is implemented in a positive, purposeful way to ensure the learning needs of all children are met and children are at the ‘cutting edge’ and ‘just in time’ of their learning.
  • Parent, student, teacher relationships are supportive, co-operative and collaborative.
  • Providing a balanced programme, implementing the best possible teaching strategies and resources, covering a wide range of experiences and focusing on the core competencies.
  • Focusing on the key competencies particularly communication skills, thinking skills and decision making skills. ¨ Providing a caring, healthy and safe environment.
  • Developing within children a positive self image and sense of identity.
    Ensuring each child is passionately engaged, does the best that they possibly can and develops positive work ethics.
  • Developing within children a sense of responsibility for their own behaviour, a tolerance of others and effective social skills.
  • Ensuring children have some knowledge, understanding and appreciation of local Tikanga and that of other cultures.