The Inquiry approach to learning at Wanaka Primary School is based on the belief that students are powerful learners who need to be actively engaged in the process of investigating, processing, organizing, synthesizing, refining and extending their knowledge within a topic.

Effective inquiry is more that just asking questions. A complex process is involved when the learner attempts to change information and data into useful knowledge. The application of inquiry learning involves many factors: effective questioning – building a framework for questions, deciding on focus questions and having a variety of levels of questioning.

The Inquiry process has the potential to develop skills and dispositions for lifelong learning, for example, independence, thinking skills, confidence, decision making, co-operative learning. Well designed inquiry learning produces knowledge formation that can be widely applied.

E-Learning refers to a broad range of activities that involve the use of information and communication technologies to support and enhance learning. It includes effective use of digital resources and learning tools, collaboration with colleagues and mentors in other locations and the experience of a virtual environment. An e-Learning environment supports an exciting journey of life long learning with e-Learning seen as an integral part of all classroom experiences not an additional requirement. It empowers learners to take responsibility for their own learning.

Integration of ICT empowers the learner by:

  • Enhancing the broad educational setting
  • Supporting the larger learning experience
  • Extending the teacher’s ability to educate
  • Increasing the potency of the learning experience
    Boosting the learner’s capacity, motivation and freedom to learn
  • Enhancing the effective management of learning processes, planning and reporting
  • Enhancing the ability to evaluate and monitor student learning
  • Providing experiences unavailable in the ‘real’ world
  • Facilitating personal and authentic learning nurturing a love of learning

Quality pedagogy (teaching) is the driver of deep learning; digital fluency is the accelerator.