Our learning Environment

Our learning environment empowers learners by:

  • Being learner centred and learner directed – we know and value our learners
  • Having a focus on thinking and learning to learn
  • Empowering all students to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities and to seek personal excellence
  • Being interactive
  • Having effective modelling
  • Promoting risk taking
  • Having specific expectations – understanding what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will be able to use their new learning
  • Catering for individual learning styles and needs
  • Utilising a range of assessment strategies for feed back and feed forward
  • Being safe, secure and fun
  • Catering for the whole child
  • Motivating and stimulating learners
  • Being well planned and implemented
  • Having high expectations
    Providing authentic contexts for learning and multiple opportunities to learn
  • Valuing everyone as a learner
  • Fostering independent, self managed learners
  • Reflecting up to date curriculum knowledge and teaching practices
  • Being well resourced
  • Working in partnership with families and communities
  • Using ICT and integrated inquiry approaches to open up new and different ways of learning to; overcome barriers of distance and time, create communities of learners that extend beyond the classroom, experience customized learning and use a range of tools
  • Ensuring all students experience a curriculum that reflects New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and its multicultural society
  • Ensuring our children are physically active each day