Restorative Practices at WPS

Restorative Practices at Wanaka Primary School

At Wanaka Primary School we encourage a restorative approach to interactions within the school community - children, teachers, parents and visitors. This means we value the building and maintaining of relationships within our school so that young people have the best opportunity to succeed. We attempt to create a social climate that is reparative rather than punitive.

If our relationships are strong and respectful, then these relationships will be maintained, and differences will be more easily resolved if they occur, and valued.

Anyone who is part of the Wanaka Primary School community is expected to foster and model this approach, always upholding the three school values: Respect, Responsibility and Honesty.

This approach fosters a culture of care where everyone is valued and connected - thus providing the best environment to...'Empower a Community of Learners'.

With so many individuals and interactions within our learning community, issues will arise from time to time. If you do have an issue or query that you would like clarification around that involves your child, you are encouraged to go to the adult who is directly involved - your child’s teacher. If this does not yield a satisfactory result, you are then encouraged to seek assistance from the Pod Leader. If they are unable to resolve the issue you will be directed to a member of the management team - Assistant Principals, Deputy Principal or Principal.

It is important that during these types of interactions that conversations are respectful and calm. This way any harm done can be explored and repaired, meaning we can move forward with a positive relationship maintained.