What do we as parents want for our children? High on the list are: happiness, success in school, satisfaction with their lives and solid friendships.

In order to reach these goals our children need inner strength to deal competently with the many challenges and demands they encounter. We call this capacity to cope and feel competent: resilience. In order to deal with conflict, teasing, disappointment, failure, frustration or feeling alienated, children need to experience what these are, feel the feeling, put a name to it and build strategies to deal with these.

We, as significant adults in their lives, need to coach them in developing a toolkit of coping strategies rather than protect them or take responsibility for the challenges ourselves. Please have a look at the presentations from our community experts as they look at building resilience and dealing with bullying from their different perspectives.

Resilience is our ability to cope with the not so nice things life throws at us. And our children need to learn to do it for themselves.