The Dental Clinic is situated at school by the Totara Terrace entrance carpark. The dental therapist may be contacted on 443 7185.


Emergency measures have been developed at our school. Realistic common-sense procedures have been established among the staff and children to decrease anxiety and the possibility of panic in the case of an emergency. We should then all have a better chance of responding effectively if such a situation should occur. Any decision to send pupils home following an emergency will be made by the Principal. No student will be entrusted to anyone other than parents, caregivers or persons nominated by parents or caregivers.


Should a child have an accident which requires more than minor first aid treatment, we will contact St John and parents will be informed as soon as possible. Please advise the office and class teacher if your child needs to take any form of medication during the day – medication is administered in the Medical Room. All injuries are recorded in the medical log. Sudden minor illnesses are dealt with in the Medical Room and appropriate action is taken.


We have children enrolled at Wānaka Primary School who have potentially life-threatening allergies to both eggs and all nuts. Whilst the children are aware of the need not to share any food or drink and staff are informed of their medical condition, it is helpful if parents do not send food to school with their children which contain egg or peanut butter fillings or nuts of any kind. This is to minimise the likelihood or an adverse reaction.


We have a Public Health Nurse, Pip McLean, who is available to discuss any health concerns you may have about your child.  You can contact Pip by phone 027 283 9395 or email


The school maintains contact with, and utilises when necessary, a variety of outside specialist agencies including: Ministry of Education, Health-Care Otago, School Library Service, Education Review Office (E.R.O.), Speech Therapists, Special Education Services, Teachers of the Deaf, R.E.A.P., Police Education Officer, etc. Should any child require any of the above services, parents are informed.