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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Technology has a vital role in teaching and learning, and in our daily lives. We encourage our students to use technology effectively and responsibly.

In keeping with our Health, Safety, and Welfare policy, we maintain comprehensive cybersafety policies and procedures to guide our use of the internet and ICT devices and equipment. These include digital technology agreements, including a BYOD agreement if a personal digital device is brought to school for learning.

Students in years 4–8 may bring their own digital device to use at school to enhance their learning, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The student and their parent/caregiver must read and sign the BYOD agreement before a device is brought to school. This outlines the expectations and responsibilities of each party.
  • The device is suitable for the purpose.
  • It needs to be wifi capable, have a screen size no less than 7″, and come to school fully charged.
  • Parents record the serial number of the device, and are responsible for its insurance, servicing, repairs, etc.

For setting up Chromebooks please follower the below guide.
How to setup a Chromebook with a school account.


The school maintains contact with, and utilises when necessary, a variety of outside specialist agencies including: Ministry of Education, Health-Care Otago, School Library Service, Education Review Office (E.R.O.), Speech Therapists, Special Education Services, Teachers of the Deaf, R.E.A.P., Police Education Officer, etc. Should any child require any of the above services, parents are informed.


Wānaka Primary School Tribes are based on the traditional house concept. Each child is placed in one of our 6 tribes which are named after NZ native birds – Takahe (blue), Piwakawaka (red), Kea (orange), Kakariki (green), Mohua (yellow) and Tui (black and white). The tribes get together twice each term and take part in friendly competition in both physical and cultural activities that promote well-being, togetherness and teamwork within the student body. During these exchanges the values of our school are always promoted and encouraged.


The voluntary annual donation is set by the Board of Trustees. All donations are acknowledged with Tax Deductible Receipts (which generate a tax rebate from Inland Revenue).


The school has many opportunities for enhanced curriculum experiences such as visiting performers and class trips. To avoid charging parents throughout the year for these activities we ask for an activity fee to be paid to the school at the beginning of the year to cover these costs.


We accept payment by the following methods:

  • Direct Credit
  • Eftpos
  • Cash / Cheque

If you wish to pay by direct credit, the school’s bank account details are:

  • Account Name:  Wānaka Primary School
  • Bank:  BNZ Wānaka
  • Account No.:  02-0673-0023784-001

Please ensure you include your child’s name and reason for payment so the payment can be clearly identified.

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