Parent Information

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Any Change to a Normal School Day
In the event of a change to the normal school day, for example, late start or school closure – we will notify you by the following mechanisms – Radio Wānaka (92.2FM), the Wānaka Primary School Flexibuzz App, the Wānaka App, the school website and our Facebook page.

Attendance at School and Notification of Absence
By law, no child should be absent from school without sufficient reason. If your child is absent from school please contact us as early as possible on the morning of their absence, either by text, app, email or phone. Please provide your child’s name, room number and the reason for their absence e.g. doctor, dentist, medical, family, holiday.

If a child arrives at school after 9am or if it is necessary for parents or caregivers to take children out of school, either from class or at break times, we ask that you ensure that the class teacher is informed, and the child is signed in/out at the office.

Extended Leave from School
If you wish to take your child out of school for a holiday or extended time, please advise the office in advance. A pupil leave request form will need to be completed and leave approved by the principal.


Our school newsletter is published on Tuesday. Once subscribed to the newsletter  you will then receive our weekly newsletter via email. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date with news and up-coming events happening in the school.

Wānaka Primary School has a facebook page – remember to LIKE us to see the latest updates, news and celebrations.


The Dental Clinic is situated at school by the Totara Terrace entrance carpark. The dental therapist may be contacted on 443 7185.


Our student management system, Edge, allows caregivers to login and view the following information:

  • Contact details
  • School reports (mid-year and year end)
  • Financial details
  • Attendance summary

The login page for Edge is: Your username for Edge is your email address that we have recorded for you. If you do not have a password, use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link and a password will be emailed to you.


Emergency measures have been developed at our school. Realistic common-sense procedures have been established among the staff and children to decrease anxiety and the possibility of panic in the case of an emergency. We should then all have a better chance of responding effectively if such a situation should occur. Any decision to send pupils home following an emergency will be made by the Principal. No student will be entrusted to anyone other than parents, caregivers or persons nominated by parents or caregivers.


Should a child have an accident which requires more than minor first aid treatment, we will contact St John and parents will be informed as soon as possible. Please advise the office and class teacher if your child needs to take any form of medication during the day – medication is administered in the Medical Room. All injuries are recorded in the medical log. Sudden minor illnesses are dealt with in the Medical Room and appropriate action is taken.


We have children enrolled at Wānaka Primary School who have potentially life-threatening allergies to both eggs and all nuts. Whilst the children are aware of the need not to share any food or drink and staff are informed of their medical condition, it is helpful if parents do not send food to school with their children which contain egg or peanut butter fillings or nuts of any kind. This is to minimise the likelihood or an adverse reaction.


We have a Public Health Nurse, Pip McLean, who is available to discuss any health concerns you may have about your child.  You can contact Pip by phone 027 283 9395 or email


The school offers a banking service for your children with the Wānaka branch of Westpac. Banking day is Thursday and staff from Westpac process children’s bank books in reception between 8.30-9am.


The voluntary annual donation is set by the Board of Trustees. All donations are acknowledged with Tax Deductible Receipts (which generate a tax rebate from Inland Revenue).


The school has many opportunities for enhanced curriculum experiences such as visiting performers and class trips. To avoid charging parents throughout the year for these activities we ask for an activity fee to be paid to the school at the beginning of the year to cover these costs.


We accept payment by the following methods:

  • Direct Credit
  • Eftpos
  • Cash / Cheque

If you wish to pay by direct credit, the school’s bank account details are:

  • Account Name:  Wānaka Primary School
  • Bank:  BNZ Wānaka
  • Account No.:  02-0673-0023784-001

Please ensure you include your child’s name and reason for payment so the payment can be clearly identified.


The school maintains contact with, and utilises when necessary, a variety of outside specialist agencies including: Ministry of Education, Health-Care Otago, School Library Service, Education Review Office (E.R.O.), Speech Therapists, Special Education Services, Teachers of the Deaf, R.E.A.P., Police Education Officer, etc. Should any child require any of the above services, parents are informed.


Wānaka Primary School Tribes are based on the traditional house concept. Each child is placed in one of our 6 tribes which are named after NZ native birds – Takahe (blue), Piwakawaka (red), Kea (orange), Kakariki (green), Mohua (yellow) and Tui (black and white). The tribes get together twice each term and take part in friendly competition in both physical and cultural activities that promote well-being, togetherness and teamwork within the student body. During these exchanges the values of our school are always promoted and encouraged.



As part of the education programme, day visits or overnight camps are undertaken by classes. These are valuable extensions of the class programme and involve a large amount of planning work and organisation. Their value to students is well proven. Parent help on such excursions is essential and any offers of assistance with transport or supervision at these times are greatly appreciated.