Parent Teacher Association

Parenting in these tough times

The PTA have provided a wonderful opportunity to learn more about parenting through these tough times and invited all parents and caregivers to join via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.
The session is no longer than 1 hour, and as there is a cost involved for the PTA, please make sure you capitalise on this opportunity to hear 2 great presenters.  The PTA value supporting you as parents and hope that the majority of you will join the Zoom presentation or watch at a later stage.

LINK: Sheridan & Pio Zoom Presentation 23rd March 2022.mp4


The Wānaka Primary School PTA is the forum for  school parents and caregivers to support students, engage the wider school community, and encourage a strong partnership between our homes and our school.  

It is also an excellent medium for parents or caregivers to meet others, particularly those who are new in the school or area, and have an interest in the activities of their children inside and outside school.

The key objectives of the PTA are:

  • Fundraising – to assist in raising funds to provide resources, facilities and opportunities.  Some examples of fundraisers the school is involved in are the Friday Night Lights, the Wānaka Trial Ride and the sale of student’s art calendars.
  • Socialising – to organise social activities and act in a hosting role to foster the school’s sense of community.  Events include Hot Cross Bun morning tea, Mother’s Day movie night, Father’s Day breakfast and Friday Night Lights to name a few.
  • Communication – encouraging and supporting communication between families, teachers, school leadership, staff and the Board of Trustees.  Having a presence at: curriculum information evenings, sports days, welcome afternoon tea for new entrants and new families to school.

The PTA is comprised of parnets, a teaching staff member, Board of Trustees and Wānaka Primary School Futures Trust Representative, and Wendy Bamford our Principal also attends meetings.  This gives the PTA an insight into the workings of the school and decision making.

Everyone who is a parent or caregiver of a child at Wānaka Primary School is warmly invited to attend meetings and become involved in the PTA, either in a large or small capacity.  Meeting dates are displayed in the school newsletter and are held in the School Staffroom at 7.00pm.