COPSSA & Results


COPSSA is an organisation in Central Otago that runs events in athletics, swimming, triathlon, orienteering and cross country.  COPPSA is constructed around a 3 tier system where children progress from school to zone events and then to Central Otago.  A website to help keep parents informed about the Central Otago events is available.
Visit – for ‘Central Otago Sport Information’.

Junior Challenge Race Information

The Junior Challenge is a whole school event for all Wānaka Primary Students from Y1 to Y6.  If your child is going to be away or is not going to participate (hence is not coming to school that day) please let the office know.  If you have any queries please email Jason –

Friday 16th February 2024
Location: Glend
hu Bay
Event: Junior Challenge
For all
Wānaka Primary School Students

Registration – local Wānaka students – by December 1st 2023
All Wānaka Primary school children must register online via the following link:


Students who are starting new at the start of 2024 register with your child’s name and year group.
Registration closes for all Junior Challenge events on 1st December 2023
Please ignore the $5 entry as this is paid by the school.

All event Information can be found on the Challenge Wānaka Junior Challenge webpage.

Bus Transport:

Buses will be provided for Wanaka Primary School

This information will be communicated directly with our school and we will inform you on the process in 2024. Students in Years 1 – 5 will return to school on the bus under teacher supervision. Year 6 Students will need to be transported by parents from Challenge Wanaka after their event.  Parents can sign their children out after their event if they wish, please see the teacher in charge on the day.

More information will be shared when it becomes available.