Wānaka Primary carries out Travel Planning activities with the support of Queenstown Lakes District Council and NZ Police.  Families are encouraged to consider a range of travel choices getting to and from school.  Information on travel choices and road safety is given below.


These safe route maps show walking and cycling connections between school and Albert Town/Mt Iron, Beacon Point and Meadowstone.  

Wānaka walking school bus

The Wānaka Walking School Bus is a free, volunteer-run service which runs every weekday morning. Every family who wants their child(ren) to travel to school the safe, fun and active way is welcome! Please see the Wānaka Walking School Bus Facebook Page for more information.

Kings Drive crossing point monitored in mornings

The crossing point at the Kings Drive roundabout is monitored every morning 8.30-8.50am and again at 3.00-3.15pm during term time, by student crossing patrollers and an adult. Thank you to our  student patrollers.  Give our helpers a friendly good morning or wave and of course a thank you when you are crossing.


Students love to bike but many need guidance to ride safely or know where the safe routes to school are.  Wānaka Primary (with Council and Police) regularly carry out cycle skills programmes.  

The school supports the New Zealand transport Agency (NZTA) recommendation that children should be aged 10 years or older before cycling unsupervised.  Cyclists are expected to comply with the law and wear a helmet.  Check your children’s bikes regularly and ensure they know the road rules and the safest route to school.


Bus transport is available for children aged 5-9 years living at least 3.2kms from school and for children aged 10 years + living at least 4.8kms from school.  It is possible that your child may have to walk up to 1.8kms to the nearest bus stop.  Please check your eligibility at the school office.  Because of contractual obligations between the school and bus operators, no unauthorised changes or additions to bus stops or routes can be made.


Driving can be the best travel choice for some situations.  At least half of students are picked up by car every day with more on wet days or in winter.  But there are ways to avoid being part of the “chaos at the school gate” problem when driving.

Use the pick up/drop off area after school

Wānaka Primary has a Pick up Drop off area on Ironside Drive near the main entrance to the school.  Drivers need to stay in their vehicles and exit/re-enter the area if their child is not ready for pick up. Talk to your children beforehand about your arrangement.   Because this area is monitored every afternoon between 3.00-3.15pm, it’s possible to come a little later to avoid the busiest time.  

Pick up Drop off Info Pamphlet

Use safe meet spots:

Parents can use ‘Safe Meet Spots’ to park and walk when visiting the classroom, or older children can walk to these to meet parents after school.  These four areas are a short distance from the entrance and most involve no road crossings.  Older children love the independence of getting there themselves and it’s a great way to avoid after school stress and congestion.  Talk about the route they’ll take and take the walk with them beforehand. Safe meet spot map

 Ways to beat stress at pick up times:

  • Use the Ironside Dr Pick up Drop off area at a later time, this area is much quieter after 3.10pm
  • Use Safe Meet Spots to pick up older children a little later
  • Students can ‘stay and play’ so you can pick up when the rush is over (talk to your child about pick up arrangements beforehand)
  • Encourage walking, biking or scootering where practical and safe.
  • Many safe meet spots involve walking just 100m more than the regular distance between school and the main parent car park. Plus walking back together gives you a chance to recap the day’s highlights.